By RetroRuth

This week I was feeling particularly adventurous, so I busted out my Sesame Street glass and I mixed up a fun little drink. That had V-8 in it. And maple syrup.

Because, you know, that makes perfect sense.


Sweet ‘N’ Sassy
Author: V-8 Anyway You Like It, 1979
  • 1 can (6 oz) V-8, chilled
  • 2 tsp maple syrup
  1. In glass, combine ingredients.


The best part (!) of this whole thing was that Tom was outside mowing the lawn when I was making this. I hid all the maple syrup evidence before he came in. He had absolutely no idea what he was in for.





“Oh, God! What is this?”

“It’s got maple syrup in it.”

“Holy…I was expecting a bloody mary. How could you do this to me?”


“Does this even have alcohol in it?’


“Oh, God!”

The Verdict: Horrid

From The Tasting Notes –

Well, the excitement and anticipation of drinking a bloody mary was rudely shattered by the sweetness of maple syrup. This was, without a doubt, horrible. There was this overpowering sweetness and then a tomato vegetable aftertaste that was just gag-inducing. The combination was really unlike anything we had tried before. It was even worse than that one time we tried V-8 with lime sherbet and cinnamon. Bad. Bad, bad, bad.



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