80’s Recipe Test–Oatmeal Chews

by Andrea One of the big health food crazes of the 80s was wheat germ – seemed it was everywhere!  To be honest, I don’t think I’ve had anything with wheat germ in it since back then.  But today, we’re going to delve into the wholesome section of the Sunset Cookies cookbook and give these […]

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80’s Recipe Test–Half Cup Cookies

by Andrea   Trying to get kids to eat something that’s a bit healthier for them is not a concept that is unique to the 80’s, but there was definitely a health food craze for a lot of that decade!  This week, I am trying one of the “Wholesome Cookies” from Sunset’s Cookie cookbook.   […]

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80’s Recipe Test–Butterscotch Confetti

by Andrea Today’s recipe is for one of my absolute favourite sweet treats.  I love these, but I don’t make them very often, as I will eat the whole pan! This recipe is from the Company’s Coming cookbook, 150 Delicious Squares.  In my part of the world (Alberta, Canada), these cookbooks were super popular throughout […]

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