by Andrea

Today’s recipe is for one of my absolute favourite sweet treats.  I love these, but I don’t make them very often, as I will eat the whole pan!


This recipe is from the Company’s Coming cookbook, 150 Delicious Squares.  In my part of the world (Alberta, Canada), these cookbooks were super popular throughout the 80’s, and many titles are still available today.




Not a lot of ingredients, but these taste sooooo good!



Here’s our cast of characters for this one, lined up and ready.


And the finished dessert!  Although the recipe calls for these to be spread into a 9” x 9” pan, I prefer to do a 9” x 13” pan, as I prefer them when they are a bit less thick.



And because these are my favourite, it’s me who gets to sample the finished product first this time!

These do also really keep well in the freezer, assuming you can manage not to eat them all!



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