by Andrea

The holiday season is almost upon us, but there’s still time if you need some retro 80’s touches for your holiday kitchen.  Here’s some great choices from eBay.

Vintage 80’s McDonalds Made in Hong Kong hard plastic Christmas ornaments

OK, so these aren’t exactly for your kitchen (unless if you put up a tree in there), but they are McDonalds, so I couldn’t resist sharing them with you!

Cookie Cutter Lot 13 Vintage Christmas Holiday Set Some 80’s Hallmark Brand

Christmas usually means Christmas cookies, and if you’re looking for some traditional vintage cutters, this is a great set.

Vintage Hoan 6-sided Christmas Cookie Cutter Chrome Dishwasher Safe Easy to Wash

Or, if you’re looking for something a little more unusual, this vintage cookie cutter does six different shapes in one.

Vintage 80’s ??? Ceramic Christmas SANTA CLAUS Coffee Cocoa Cup Mug

Perfect for your coffee Christmas morning!  I recall these Santa head mugs being very popular in the 80’s.


And finally, something festive for the wine with your holiday meal!  This glass is super Christmassy, and other pieces for the set shouldn’t be too hard to find.


Hope this helps with your holiday prep!



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